Construction Project Status

Construction is a sure sign of progress and improvement in a healthy economy. Public streets and utilities need regular repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Such work is funded through Brea’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and combinations of Federal and State grant programs that have been established for specific types of work.

Only after many years of careful planning and budgeting can various CIP Projects get out to bid. Once contracts are awarded, it is yet another process to ramp up the actual construction. The City of Brea works closely with selected contractors to schedule work as tightly as possible and get notifications out during critical phases of work.

This MAP is updated periodically to show locations where construction work is underway in Brea. Questions about City of Brea projects may be directed to 714-990-7667.

Construction Project Notices to the Public

June 3, 2020 CIP Construction Notice: Eagle Hills Tract Subdivision
May 27, 2020 CIP Construction Notice: Puente Street

Capital Improvement Project: Street and Water Improvements Begin June 1, 2020 on Puente Street

An upcoming Capital Improvement Project will replace the existing water mains, water services lines, and complete pavement rehabilitation along Puente Street from Briarwood Drive to Lambert Road and on Gemini Ave. and Titan Way. Residents adjacent to these areas may require water service interruption in order to install the new water service connection. Additionally, there will be heavy construction activities, during daytime hours, which will require traffic control to be set-up during the construction, which may delay commutes through the construction zone.  

The City’s contractor, Stephen Doreck Equipment Rentals, Inc., will provide additional notices and signage throughout the project with respect to driveway access and temporary water service disruption to complete the necessary new water connection.

The project contractor is planning on starting construction Monday, June 1 and will provide further notices with respect to the water service connections and driveway access. The project will be completed in two main phases. Phase 1 will include the construction of the new water mains and services, and Phase 2 will include the pavement rehabilitation work. This project is anticipated to be completed by January 2021. The City appreciates your patience and cooperation during this improvement project.


Eagle Hills Water Main Replacement Project

On June 15, 2020 the Eagle Hills Water Main Replacement Project will commence. The project limits are located in the residential tract of Eagle Hills bounded between Lambert Road and Birch Street. The project will have various lane closures but will allow all access during the entire time of the project. Several project information boards will be posted near the project entry points to inform the public of the upcoming work. Notices will be going to the affected residents. There will be a city inspector at all times on site. The project is estimated to be complete by November 2020, weather permitting.

Citywide Sewer Video Inspections

The City has scheduled video inspections of it’s sewer mains. Residents may notice a large truck parked in the middle of streets where sewer mains are located. The truck will be parked for thirty minutes to an hour between inspections. Lane closures may occur on the arterial streets. This will be an ongoing project beginning in April 2020 and expected to be completed by February 2020. 

Current Sewer Video Inspection Work Area 6/1 to 6/12: Eagle Hills Neighborhood

 Eagle Hills Sewer inspection